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TLTC Wild Adventures - TLTC Bronze (visit)

Rated AS3.5, WA10, UWSAG4.0

TLTC WIld Adventures Bronze Award

~ Laudito ~

Hi Kim
     After careful review of your site against our program criteria, I have
come to the following conclusions; You have developed a wonderful site that is pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to view. You attained a score of 78 out of 100.
    Congratulations your site has been awarded the TLTC Wild Adventures Bronze Award.
    You have spent alot of time developing your site and it shows nicely. A definite plus to the web community. The main drawback was the limited amount of content. Once your site grows and new additions are made, I am positive that you will be well rewarded for your on-line efforts.
    Once again, Congratulations and keep up the Great work.

Kindest regards..

Tom "webmaster"
TLTC Wild Adventures