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Kim's Territory


Copyright and Privacy Statement

All content contained within this website is original and property of  All rights are reserved in the interest of and those whom likenesses may be used within  As a visitor and a treasured guest, please adhere to the following conditions during your stay here at Kimber's Territory.

1.  Images, Graphics, other visual content -  All images, graphics, and designs of any kind are property of and it's owners. All pictures are taken by and all rights are reserved.  No images may in any way be reproduced for any reason without the written permission of, it's owners, , or those whose likenesses may be contained herein.

2.  Text, Scripts, other written content -  All text, scripts, and documents contained herein are the sole property of and may in no way be reproduced for any reason without the written permission of, or it's owners.

3.  Privacy Statement - All personal information that may be collected within this website is considered private and confidential.  In no way shall this website, it's designers, visitors, or editors use any personal information for any reason without written permission and consent from the owner of the information.  This includes but is not limited to: spam, spammers, mailing lists, hackers of all kinds, companies and associates of companies not associated with, and any other entity that may not have been mentioned.

4.  Layout and Content - The layout and content found at this website is copyrighted and in no way may it be reproduced for any reason.

5.  Third Party Content - All third party content (i.e., message boards, chat rooms, guestbooks, etc.) are the property of the providing party and all copyright information and privacy information is the responsibility of said parties and may be found at their respective websites.  This website and takes no responsibility for the actions and inactions that may or may not be taken or provided by said sites/companies.

6.  This website, and any affiliations thereof take no responsibility for the actions of those whose intent is to intentionally harm in any way, any person with any connections to said parties.  Furthermore, this website and it's affiliates neither condone, nor promote any conduct that can be considered, irrational, disrespectful, disruptive, or illegal.


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