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Kim's Territory

First Date:  The first time we saw each other in 7 years

Once upon a time two people met up with each other. They have not seen each other in years. The door opens their eyes meet. Her heart sank and she thought Oh my I am standing before a man who I want. He says "Hi" she says "Hi" she gives him a nice big hug. Again, she thinks to herself "finally to be in his arms" They go have dinner. It was wonderful sitting there talking and getting acquainted again. Looking deep into his brown eyes. Laughing out loud while inside she knew and felt her emotions she had before were there. But until now she never knew how deep they were. They left and went back to his place. Sitting there knowing she is married, knowing her kids are home in bed. But yet she is hoping he will just kiss her, touch her, hold her. Yes, she is with another, but she does not love him. For her feelings are so intense for this man before her. Only if he knew.... But she cannot show or tell for she does not know how he feels... Then her heart stopped. The world stopped. Our lips touched. Sparks were flying and her heart was and still racing.  Feelings that she has not felt in years.... To be wanted. To be liked. To be kissed by a MAN.... She stopped went to the bathroom and said what am I doing. I am so lost. I have been with someone for several long hard years. Do I want to take this chance? Do I need to leave? Should I leave? Should I stay? But for once in her life she listened to her head instead of her heart. She stayed. He touched me slowly with his finger tips, looked deep into her eyes, kissing her, undressing her, and the world stopped again. For that moment she definitely knew this was love at first sight. He caressed her body. He kissed every inch of her body. They made beautiful love that night. It was magically, but it had to end. For she had to return home. As she left she knew she was leaving her heart with the future man of her life. She does not know how she will do it or when, but she knows he will be mine one day. Days went bye. Time went bye. The world still stops when he kisses her looks at her and even touches her. But does he know this? She does not know.... Her love for this man is unexplainable. She appreciates every day she has with him. She has found love. But not just any love. She has found her one and only true love. Her future soul mate. Her best friend. Her lover. A father (if he will accept). Her final piece to her puzzle of life. Now all she has to do is just put the puzzle together. All the pieces are there, but they are scattered everywhere. As she is trying to put the pieces together. She finds some don't always fit. That there is allot more to putting a puzzle together then doing it by yourself. Or getting the pieces and making them fit into places that do not belong.  Sometimes, these pieces bend, sometimes they rip, sometimes they break. Does she mean too? No! But it happens. So that is when she decided to ask for more help. She knew she had to ask the one man who makes her world stop for help. Helping her to find those missing pieces to the puzzle. To help her put them in the right areas. And most of all to spend the time together. So both of them can make the world and everything around them stop. For every touch they give, every kiss, every look, every laugh, and most of all. For the love those two have is unbreakable. And for always and forever they will love each other until the end...............


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