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Kim's Territory

You should know that this is exactly how I received this in an e-mail while I was at work...  (Sent Jan 02, 2002)

I keep reading your poems again and again and I cannot help but be once again motivated to write. I haven't written a poem since I was a senior in high school. There has been too much pain to endure and I didn't want all of my poems to be about pain. Not only that, there has been no one worthy enough of such an honor until now. I just threw this together and I hope you enjoy it. One more thing, I sincerely hope that it doesn't scare you or anything. Well, I will just let you make your own interpretation of the poem...


Sometimes it is Fate

Once there was hope and all was lost,
Into the fire we were both tossed.
Roads of tragedy and pain we have passed,
Feelings of sorrow, how do we last?
Only in dreams are we safe and fair.
Now is the time to show you I care.

Simple and fast are my thoughts.
You have my attention, my stomach in knots.
Like a warm summer day in the sun,
You fill my heart with laughter and fun.
Sheeted like clouds you have my mind.
Unbelievable you are - caring and kind.
Soft shiny hair and warm glowing smile,
And a heart of gold that reaches for miles.

Some say they know what real pain can be,
Without knowing you, I could not be free.
You're everything I want and have never had.
What another abused, lost, and now makes you sad.
There is nothing else that I much rather be
Than by your side...

Kohen, Kariann, you and me

by William N. Strohl


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