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Kim's Territory

Hmmm...  What about me?  Are you sure you want to know.  "My life story is not for the faint of heart."  (Sorry, I just saw Spider-Man.) 

Born:  November 7, 19??; Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: (2) Kariann, 5; Kohen, 2 (pictures)
Nationality:  French, German, Dutch, Italian
Tattoos:  Pegasus & Butterfly
"Life is like an exciting book, and every year starts a new chapter!!!"
"A peach is not a peach and a plum is not a plum, and a kiss is not a kiss until it reaches the tongue."

I was born in New Jersey where my family owned a pizza parlor.  Soon, we moved to Florida where we still find ourselves today.  My life has led me to all kinds of places and through all kinds of challenges, but yet I am here today.  I have found myself yielding a successful career in Customer Service and Sales.  Want to know more?  Well, too bad...

Okay, one more thing and that's it!  I am currently working towards a degree in Business Management and Sign Language.  That's all folks!


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