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You should know that this is exactly how I received this in an e-mail while I was at work...  (Sent Jan 02, 2002)

You know, it has been literally years since I have felt the motivation to once again write.  I used to write poems all the time.  I once felt and saw words dancing through my head.  There were even times when I would wake-up because I dreamt of the perfect opening line for a poem I had been wanting to write.  Until now, I haven't felt that way.   Until now, I haven't had the motivation whatsoever to write anything.  Also, until now, I haven't found the love for anyone like I have found for you.  I love you so much, and I hope you enjoy the following poem.  Oh, one more thing, each line is meant to be read as one line, so if you need to resize the e-mail window, please do so.  I love you!

Love Once Lost Is Now Found

I was walking by myself one night, away from your car.  (01.01.02)
While watching my feet step, I realized how unbelievably lucky we are.
I thought of your face as my hand strokes your cheek,
And of your smile and eyes - you know, those make me weak.
I smiled as my thoughts danced to your skin and hair.
And then to your wonderful body, all wet in cold air.
I dreamed and walked in this dark, cool night.
Seemingly, nothing else matters while you're in my sites.
There has been a loss of love and warmth for many years.
A void once forgotten is now filled which makes me tear.
The voice inside me says, "I can't be that guy.
The one who is lucky and free, then wins and gets by.
I can't be the one who finally gets the girl of his dreams.
I can't be that man who gets what he wants, like it now seems."
With all of the love that has since been released,
I can't hold inside the fear that it may someday cease.
Once and again this though comes to my mind.
Then your smile and caring shines through as an easing sign.
There is no one else I have ever loved like I do you.
There is nothing else I could ever want with all that you do.

by William N. Strohl

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